Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Reminder

Hi ! Just want to set a reminder that no matter what happens, I am always there for you! by I, I mean God. Okay, maybe  I sound too over-religious, over-motivational, overweight(uh oh). But no, I am not over-anything, I just want to remind that everything's gonna be alright. And safe. And sound. And Swift. and Taylor. HAHA. *laughwithmeplease*

I admit that this blog is abandoned for a while. Gonna upload something masterpiece-y really soon. In the moment, let me show you this :

Yayy an artwork(?) of mine during the 3 months holiday back then in 2015. Well, this is still 2015 as well, so I think this is still legit. As the right-corner text stated, this is not my quotes, but taken from a song, Checkmate, by Jung Yong Hwa. Yong Hwa has been an amazing singer with CN BLUE and just few months ago, he goes solo with his album One Fine Day. And this is one of my favourites. This is the only thing I understand from the lyrics which is in korean. And I find this meaningful, so tring, I suddenly just want to make something. And this is the result.

I'll be preparing for my next post,

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I came across this quotes a few months ago while watching youtube videos of a vlogger Connor Franta. And I think this is really true.

Your feelings are legitimate and they are meant to be felt. 

Sometimes we don't really put attention to what we actually felt or ignore them for those who are ignorant. Some people are really sensitive and secretive at the same time. Meaning that they build up those unrevealing emotions in their heart so that when he reach his limit, like a bombshell, it will burst and shatter. I think this will help us to be reminded of our own feelings. To really become aware of ourselves and express what we need to express. Because being too ignorant or too sensitive is not going to help us to become a better person.