Friday, January 27, 2012

Guitar and Fireworks

Lately, I've been learning to play guitar at my school, because in music lesson, we should choose one between violin, guitar or keyboard. Finally, I chose guitar. Learning guitar is hard, and I hope I will getting better and better with this.

To all of you, I'm gonna said Gong Xi Fa Cai, Shen Ti Jian Kang, Wan Shi Ru Yi (I don't know if the words re right :) ). Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Next post, maybe I will post about the exciting Chinese New Year I celebrate with my family. I can say that this Chinese new year is exciting because we were playing fireworks! I was experimenting with slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the fireworks,and it works. The result was amazing. That's all I can say. See you at the next post..

Danbo Story : Danbo In Danger

My 2nd Danbo Story!

In this story Danbo is waiting for someone, but she never come, then guess what's next!

Enjoy, Danbo In Danger..


The Danbo in danger story is ended. How was it? Is it cool? Is it bad? Please leave a comment about it below :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Danbo Story : Danbo Meets Skull

I had made this Danbo meet Skull story in November 2011, but just upload it now...

I think danbo is an amazing cardboard doll. The Danbo I photograph isn't the original one which has the "amazon" printed. My sister made it by herself. But, sadly it can't be moved. There are many links to build DIY Danbo Papercraft. You can get it here and also the tutorial (in english) here

This story is about Danbo meeting his old friend, Skull, but has a sad ending. Skull is also my sister's doll, which named Skull because it have funny-looking skull.

Enjoy Danbo meet Skull story :D

How was it, is it good? Whether it's good or bad, please do leave a comment below

Friday, January 20, 2012

Simple But Special Photo Framing

Okay, this is my first Simple but Special Photo Framing tutorial, so son’t be angry if I don’t give you a clear step

 ._. V I’m trying my best to made this tutorial

  • Open your photo with photoshop. I used photoshop 7.0 (I’m really out of date ^_^)
  • Add a new layer 
  • You can select the inner part but also leaving some space in the outer part(for the frame). In this case I use lasso tool. The selection must not always neat. Just let your mouse framing it freely. After the selection, it will look like this 
  • Click the quick mask button. It will look like this :
  •  Click Filter menu >> Distort >> Ocean Ripple
  •  In this case, I set the ripple size 15 and the ripple magnitude to 14. But you can change it the way you like. Click OK
  • The selection will change like this
  • Click edit in standard mode icon (The icon is next to the quick mask icon)
  • Click Select Menu >> Inverse. Or you can press Shift + Ctrl +I
  • Fill the Selection with any color. You can use the gradient tool or paint bucket tool, or other tool 
  • Finally, Click Select Menu >> Deselect. Or you can press your keyboard CTRL + D
  • Tarraaa! The Framing is done. Now you have this simple but special photo frame!

    You can experimenting with other kind of filter, like ripple, twirl, zig zag, glass and many more.

Glass Filter Photo Framing

Ripple Filter Photo Framing

Twirl Filter Photo Framing

Zig Zag Filter Photo Framing

Explanation :
Ripple filter : Amount 858%, Size : Large
Twirl filter : Angle : 757°
Zig zag filter : Amount 99, ridges 19, style around center
Glass filter : Distortion 8, Smoothness 4, Texture : Tiny Lens

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tied Together-Random

If Taylor Swift song, called tied together with smile, than these photos should be tied together with lace :D LOL

Edited with photoshop

Monday, January 2, 2012

Acrobatic Ballets

This is photos taken when I watch acrobatic ballets in a "Flying Fairies in Wonderland" event last year Christmas at Supermal Pakuwon Indah (it's a mall in Surabaya).. The acrobatic ballet are performed by an a acrobatic group from Australia. The unique thing is that there is a cute little girl participating in this event. She can do a split, and others. She is an elastic girl! :D There is also Santa Claus fly in a flying fox attraction :D

(TOP) The Elastic Girl :D

Climbing the cloth(?)

Look! It's Santa! :D

Santa is Coming!