Monday, July 21, 2014

In July

Whatss Up! I'll share some photos from a litte trip few weeks ago. I didn't go anywhere outside my city this July. Just Surabaya... every weekend going to malls until I'm like eh? this is 21st already.. What am I doing in the days of this month? July has been a relazying i mean relaxing month...

So can you guess where is this place?
Taman Flora
Yup I go to Taman Flora, just to accompanying the kids that are having English Camp (a programme in the course my family have)do their activities while I'm taking pics. 
2 People passing by,,
actually are my sisters...

Flowers are pretty when they're blue

The original flower

Anotha flowah


A black, brownish cat staring at you

Close Up
Look how furry the leaf is

A deer

Another cat
The weather is just lovely for it to fall asleep

I love leaves and green

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bali Day 5

Day 5 Schedule : Pandawa Beach, Airport

After spending days in Bali, finally it is the last day of our trip. We started the trip to Kuta beach and we end it at Pandawa beach.. I would say this is a memorable trip with my class, Gr. 12

Welcome to Pandawa Beach

Left my name on the sand

Thanks for viewing this post,

Bali Day 4

Day 4 Schedule : Waterbom Bali, Dinner at Jimbaran

On the 4th day in Bali, we're having fun in Waterbom, trying every ride and got wet. Well I don't have any photos in waterbom since I don't bring the camera with me. After we went back to hotel, we went to a cafe in Jimbaran to have dinner. We have a seafood feast! Which is great for our stomach but cost great as well :D

A view of sunset from the hotel

Black n White

The empty plate before it filled in with lots of seafood