Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turn Your Black n White Photos to A Colourful One!

This is my second tutorial, I hope you like it. Sorry, for my not-so-good english! I actually know this from photography extracurricular in my school. I practice it again in my home and made this tutorial.
I love colour, didn’t you love it too? Black and white photos sure are great photos. But if you already take a photo in black and white, and you want to turn that to a colourful one,  So here is turn your black n white photos to a colourful one tutorial. Do follow these simple steps! (PS : I use photoshop 7.0 in this tutorial)
1. First, open your black and white photos in photoshop.
2. Double click on the background layer and the dialog box will appear. In the dialog box click OK. This is to unlock the lock sign on the background. When you’re done, the layer will change name into layer 0.
3. Make sure the photos mode is RGB. You can check it out in the ‘image’ menu -> mode -> click RGB Color.
4. Click new layer so the new layer add up in the picture
5. Make sure you’re on the new, transparent layer and set the layer type from NORMALCOLOR to
6. Pick up the brush and choose the brush which have soft edges, like this :
7. Choose the right color and apply the brush through the photos
8. Colour all of your photos and voila! the black and white photos is colourful now!
And here is before-after pic! 
PS : If you want to color the tiny part of the object just right-click on your mouse in the photo and set the brush into a smaller size, then you can continue your work.
Really Simple is it? But it needs patience and creativity to find the right color of the photo. 
Thank you for seeing my second tutorial, Turn your black n white photo into a colourful one. :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 Tips Taking Picture At The Zoo

Same with the Flower Tips, I got the tips from my photography teacher, Mr. Liko. So here it is :

1.                 Equipment You Should Have : An SLR Camera with Medium Tele Lens (above 85 mm) or pocket camera with super zoom features, usually can zoom 10-12 times
2.                 Focus to the the animals' EYE 
3.                 See through the cage
·  To see through the fence, Use AV or Manual mode
·  Set the aperture as high as possible
·  Set the zoom or focal length to the max
·  Place your lens closely to the cage, stick  it to the cage! :D
·  Then focus on the animal’s eye, not the cage
·  Click! Take the picture
4.     WAIT for the perfect moment, that is when the animals interact or be in action. Like when you’re taking birds shot, do it when the birds fly
5.     For HYPERACTIVE animals :
·        Use ISO Auto
·        Use continuous mode (burst mode) – take many pictures in a second
·        Use High shutter speed (2 times the focal length)
6.     Be SELECTIVE. You shouldn’t take picture of every animals in the zoo. You can make the list of all the animals first, then select the animals that you want to photograph. So that you don’t hurry from one animal to the other.
7.     Consider the LIGHTNING
·        You can do it either in the morning or evening, when the light is just perfect
8.     Don’t forget the OTHER object like the visitor or tourist and don’t miss the animal show

I hope this 8 Tips Taking Picture At The Zoo can help you to capture the animals bette. :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

6 Tips To Photograph Flowers

Here are some tips to capture or photograph beautiful flowers, these tips I got from my photography (extracurricular) teacher at school, Pak Liko, but I think he maybe get it from other sources, i don't know where. :) It may be helpful for you to take some pictures of flowers, especially amateur, just like me. :D
  1. Don't push yourself to go to a park -- You can be creative, like go into a flower shops, or if you have your own garden full of flowers, I think, you don't need to go anywhere, beside your garden.
  2. Don't shoot from above -- I don't know why, but maybe because it's too common, be creative! You can shoot from below, under the flowers, 
  3. Do wet or splash the flower with water before you took the photos or take it after rain or when there is moist on the flower
  4. Do arrange the background so it match -- Use cardboard, or set the aperture as high as you can
  5. Do shoot the flower Close Up
  6. For super-close up photos, Do it indoor -- because if the flower get blown by wind even the slightest wind, can create blurred image
That are 6 tips to shoot flowers. Do you have another idea? If you do, please add it in your comment below

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Inspiring Bloggers

Well, lately I've been investigating (ehmm.. actually lookint at) bloggers that have succeed, I mean, they have good blogs and their blogs are visited by many people, and they are young too. And, one more, they are from the same country of me, Indonesia. They are Diana Rikasari and Evita Nuh. Maybe I am a little bit strange, because both of them are fashion blogger, they told about what they wear and also about their personal stories sometimes, and fashion is not my passion. I am no good at choosing clothes, or even pairing it with shoes. But, from them I can learn, that each blogger has their own characteristic, and their own what-to-talk in their blog.

Diana Rikasari

This beautiful blogger owns The blogger that will turn 24 this year, has made success with her fashion blog, Hot Chocolote and Mint. She writes about her personal diaries and her style, also mix-n-match her clothes. Her writings is good, i think, easy to read for a bad-english person like me. Her new layout with grey colour is also great. Actually, If I read a blog, the layout doesn't matter for me, but if the layout is good, then we can stay in the blog much longer right? Her post is always equipped with several eye-catchy photos, that shows her style, she sometimes post video and other things she interested in. Lately, she also post about the food she made for her husband, S. About blogging, she said that blogging is a self-expression and she likes fashion, writing and photography, so she express her hobby there. In 2010, she released her own shoe brand, UP.

Evita Nuh

She was 13 years old amazing blogger. She owns with the nama the creme de la crop. She start blogging when she is 9 years old. Wow! amazing! when I was at that age, I just go to the internet when I need to play online games. But, she already have a blog! Oh man... (so ashamed), actually I have a blog in 2009, but that's one year later from she started blogging. She has a fashion blog, and have long..long.. post, I think because her english is better than me, and she posted about her passion in fashion and photography, and her mix-and-match look great for a 13 years old girl. And she already have fans and interviewed by many people. She said that the name jelly jelly beans just popped out when she made her blog.

That's 2 blogger that inspires me a lot, there are some others though, like, etc.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! Give love and affection to your family and friends!
Here are some photos to celebrate Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Raindrops :D

These photos of Raindrops are just for fun. Nothing special about them. These were taken in back in December when in Surabaya, the season was rainy season. It rained almost everyday and I just have nothing to do and taraa.. here they are :

Raindrops - photograph and edited by deciphotos

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr. Skull and my new blog

Before, I've written about Danbo story in Danbo Meet Skull, my sister's funny-looking doll.

I did some photoshoot, last year, with Mr. Skull and here they are :

Good news! I have a new blog in It's for fun, really. In tumblr, I just want to know what people are talking about and especially about Allison Harvard and Jung Il Woo. Ah... I'm fascinated by his cute-pretty face. I've seen him in a korean drama called 49 days, which I finished watching all episodes last Sunday. About Allison Harvard, I saw her in ANTM season 17 and her big eyes and also her cute-pretty face quickly stole my attention. But I'm sad, because she didn't win in ANTM.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cause Baby You're a Firework

At my previous post, I promise I will tell u about my Chinese New Year expereience. I'll blurt it out now!

One day before Chinese New Year, my family and I visited my auntie's house from my father's side. All of us were wearing red! emm.. Actually not all of us, because my 2 beautiful cousins, Felicia and Marcella wear pink. Then, after saying stuff like "Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi" that means Happy New Year, wish u luck and prosperity and also thousands of matters will be accomplished, we got some red packets! Yay! Actually it's the most important thing that I really excited about Chinese New Year. But then, we celebrate this new year different from the previous years. Why? Because we can play with fireworks! Sound childish, but it's really been a long time since I play the fireworks when I'm still at elemantary school. And I'm really terribly excited not because I can play with fireworks, but because I brought my Canon 1100D and I can do experiment with slow shutter to capture the movement of fireworks!

Here are some pics :

The three fireworker!


The process to make the fireworks is to attach the firework stick to the candle

My sister Gita with her magic wand
Originally, My cousin wants to make the  wing, but I photographed it badly :(

My mom also participated in this fireworks photoshoot :D

It's a C


more photos at my facebook!
That's the fireworks! So much fun! Then, the next day, the Chinese new year day, I came to my grandma's house from my mother side. There I received a lot more red packets, but It still more excited in my auntie's house before!

One good news! This week I'm gonna be presented a presentation about Taylor Swift! I was very happy when my friends agree with my idea, when we're discussing about what to present. For the sake of Taylor, I will do my best!