Saturday, July 20, 2013

Juicy Craft

Just some craft I make this holiday. :) The first two photos are the same scrapbook (?) I don't know what to call it.. A.A I randomly stick stuffs like flannel dolls, papers and bonus from magazine that I keep for a long time and a photo of me.

I also make various paper crafts with my sister. I cut them out and my sister glue them up. They're all danbo-like doll (template downloaded from internet) in which we took some time doing it. But we have a lot of fun at the same time!

Best Friend

Spongebob and Hello Kitty


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cheesy Bread Roll

My sister, Gita, likes to roll up food. Last time, she make a sushi using rice rolled up with nori(dried-up seaweed). This one is the bread roll. She spread the butter and spread cheese inside the roll and sprinkle cheese again over the top. A cheesy bread roll is ready to be serve! :D

first step
First look
zoom in please
Zoom in
ready to serve
ready to serve
Cut into two
cut it into two and eat up

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Looking Closer

Bad news and Good news. Oh well. My blog has been rotting for about several months. That's bad news. And good news is IM baaaaackkk with several photos i took.. Actually this blog purpose is for showing off sharing my life and photos. But this year I think I've got less photos than last year. And the thing is I'm really lazy to edit and put it in the internet. But I've got some my dilligent-ness this time and gonna upload more photos next week :)

I forgot the name of this flower -__-
I think it's bayam merah (red spinach) or something related to spinach

Okay. I pictured this purple flower too much. But I just can't help it
It's just so beautiful XD

Little Spidey on the pink flower
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