Friday, March 28, 2014

Food Porn and Toys

 Hi there! How are you today? Hope you're fine. I'm having a good day today. I exercise, I wake up quite early than usual and I think I do productive work today by editing my mom's blog picture here.

Today I will post some food images that will make you hungry, amused and feel full  #eh?  Just scroll down and you will agree with me okay

Mie Goreng for my father's birthday
 The picture below is Enoki mushroom soup. Made by trying a recipe from internet. Although the visual may not be appetizing, it turns out to be okay in taste. The taste is quite weird thoughbecause it's salty and sweet at the same time.
Enoki mushroom soup
Enoki mushroom soup

Another mie goreng (fried noodle)
In a cute plate a.k.a pan

Some cute dim sum

Talking about food, it's really fun to watch at cute designed food like the picture above. Do you know what else is cute? Toysss...! Recently, I joined the pictoygraphy conducted by the local newspaper in my city. It is a contest that want us to picture toy / toy photography. I'm really excited for this. As I don't have many action figures or small toys, I went to my Grandma house which has some toys that I can use. :D And the reward of being the winner is some cash and will has his or her picture in the newspaper. Hope I can make it through. :) These are my 2 entry. The theme is : #akurapopo which is a javanese word for I'm okay ( while doing something which is not okay)
heartbroken Danbo xp

How I wish I could be like her, living in a more luxurious life
Hahahaha.. That's all for today. Hope you have a great day after reading this :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

March and Chili

Long time no see, bloggiess and readersss, I have been very busy during these 6 months neglecting my poor dear blog, which results in lower number of page views(well I always have lower than 50 but still it's a decrease) . So what did I actually do during this disappearance?

Actually, I have enough excuse for this abandonment of this blog duing dec to february, where I prepare for my entrance test at NTU. NTU itself is a university in Singapore, which I heard to be in the top 50 ranking of universities worldwide. I think I did my best preparing for the test, until I have to stay in the lab which is also teachers' room for mid January to mid February. Still it's not comparable to those who has prepared since the year before or 6 months before, but yeah when I sit for the test, it's like a battle of intelligence between the participant, to just get into that one university.

Well, I just got the result last week aaandd the result is quite disappointing to say after this hardwork I've putting in. I am not accepted. In other words, I've failed to get into that uni. or in other words, quoting from the email the university gave me, my application has not been successful. I plan to take IT in NTU. Actually I'm not really SURE yet, whether IT is good for me, whether it's really what I love, or what I really want as a job in the future. But, I still think someday I will work with computers. Some part of me tell maybe I can take design, but then I can't tell I'm really into drawing. Photography is a part of the design stuff, so I might considered that as well. Then suddenly I come up with environment, like an environmentalist, who work defending our Earth against global warming. Anyways, I still have to search for university, whether it's in Indonesia or outside.

So,, these are the photos I took during these past few months, mostly located at home. This is for the assignment from the book I just bought a month ago. The title is Nature Photography workshop by Nat Coalson. This is the assignment of the 1st chapter : Nature in ur Neighborhood.

Lights from Heaven

Idk why but I love when something has pattern
just like these curves of the stalks of chili tree
(It's not actually a repeating lines that create pattern
, but I love it anyways)

puny chili

Ants are coming out from their house! BEWARE

Another puny chili

Mother chili, ripe and fresh :D
 Adding some wall stickers on my room XD. More wall stickers are ready to bombard the empty walls in my house. :p
Moi beautiful bedroom
 See ya in the next post,