Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Amazing Photographers from dA

dA or Deviantart, is the largest art community in the world. No wonder, they have so many artist from the greatest to amateur. Here is some of artist or photographer in dA whom I considered to have great photos in random sequence. I also add their amazing photos (which I copied from their work) to show you their work. If you want to look at the rest of their work you can click on "dA" link below the name. It will link to their profile page on dA. They usually have ever got Daily Deviation, a daily feature chosen from the galleries on deviantART for their amazing art. Enjoy!

Attention! These photos below are NOT my photographs, so I linked them to the owners' galleries

 Maxime Courty
The guy from France have brilliant eyes to catch beautiful moments and turns it to a great landscapes photographs. No wonder his works are really colourful and have wonderful contrast. Here is 2 photos that show you how wonderful his works are.

Isac Goulart
Brazilian man who take photography as hobby and has take amazing sunset photos as well as candid and architectural photos. But, I really love the silhouette pics with the sunset in the background like this one :

Cristina Otero
3 words. Queen of Self-Portraits! She is a 16 years old girl who live in Cadiz, Spain. Her self portrait works are really close-up and wonderfully taken. I love the varieties of colour and the concept. Like this one, is the one of her tutti frutti series. Go check out the rest here! Sometimes this 16-years-old girl’s work can be really creepy, but sometimes really beautiful! She’s so good at make up and photography

She has an amazing gallery! Full of cuteness and beauty. Many of her pictures are still life and about ladybugs, guinea pig(so cute!) and nature. Her dA username, lieveheersbeestje, comes from the word ladybug in dutch, because of her love to ladybugs! She also made photoshop tutorials and actions and share it in dA. So lovely!

Oana Stoian
What I love about her gallery is the vintage style! She usually photograph model, still life, nature. And her photograph feels so dreamy, so cool! Besides photography, she also doing traditional art ,digital art and making jewelleries. Here is some of her beautiful works!

Her gallery is full of awesomeness. Most of her pictures is about still life, nature and macro. Her still life photos is mostly about love. And her macro photos that I love is this one(the 1st picture below)! So many colours in one photo! Magical!

Essa Al Mazrooei
This is the guy from Uni Arab Emirates that gives me a wow each time I see his photo. From his photos, I think he’s really good at capturing animals, like bunny and cats in his gallery! I don’t know if he had the bunny and cats as his pets, but they are reeally cute. But since I love bunnies more than cats, Check this cutie bunnies pictures..

Actually there’s more people I can put her, because there are so many wonderful people with creativity and talents there, like my friend Bella (click click!) , her sister Thalia , me :P  plus my sister, Tasia!

Disclaimer : All pictures belongs to the owners. I just share their pictures because I love their works and want to share it with you guys

Cheers xD,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sky is Blue

Holiday is almost over !! and I have to come back to reality. After about a month of holiday, I realize that I don’t take my time seriously and I have to waste so many time in front of my computer. There was one reason, that’s because I’m lazy. I’m lazy to make a blog post, I’m lazy to learn about making website which my father always tell me to do, etc. And now, I regret for so many times I waste. I should use it to prepare to learn english language more, because I’m moving to an international school, when my english is kinda sucks. But, I did make several good choices! *defending myself*. I joined the photography training (or “diklat” in Indonesian) and the bible camp in the church. And My family and me went abroad to Hong Kong and Macau for a week, and we have our happy family time J. That’s all about my holiday . And last but not least, a photo taken from the sky terrace, the peak, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong from above.-no edit-

Have a nice day, everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lady in White

So, this Lady in White photo series taken in May 2012, when the photographer has nothing to do (it's me :p). I'm shooting it on manual. Edited with photoshop 7.0 to raise the brightness, because the actual photo is kinda dark or under-exposed. :) Below, I give you the ex-if data, like the iso, f-stop and shutter speed.
I see a pair of shoes (f : 5.6, s:1/4 sec, iso:200)
That golden hair, is she Goldilocks in the stories? :p
(f:5.6, s : 1/4 sec, iso : 200)

No, She's lady in white ... :D
(f :5.6, s : 1/3 sec, iso : 200)
That shoes again :s
(f : 5.6, s : 1/3 sec, iso : 200)

Bye Bye 3('o')3
(f : 5.6, s : 1/4 sec, iso : 200)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Something Yummy for My Tummy

First, let me greet you with Welcome to the new month of July! Since today is the seventh of the seventh month of the year, I want to post something special too. You already read the title right? It’s something yummy for my tummy, in other words, it’s about food!!

delicious b'day cake
Above : This is my sister's birthday cake in her birthday on April :)

The Chocolate Fountain at Jamoo
Brownies Amanda :) very yummy
Tahu tek, the typical food of Surabaya
I really love the "tahu tek" from the vendor which usually walk in front of my house, but lately the vendor just never came up again. I miss his tahu tek :(
Es kacang
The "es kacang" above, is purchased at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The taste is like es campur in Surabaya, but the diferrence is the ingredient. This one have peanut or kacang, which usually es campur doesn't have in it.

fried noodle
Fried noodle
Mickeymouse Rice
Above : This dish doesn't come from disneyland, but it's homemade dish. :) Contains rice, kee kian, potato and healthy vegetables..

This is Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice purchased in a foodcourt in Marina Bay

homemade popcorn :)

popcorn again :D

This is sweet and sour pork
Home made kue dadar, made with my best friend, Marissa at her house

Delicious Siew Mai

Some stick cookies, is it the right name?

xiao long bao
The last is my favourite dim sum XD. I love the tasty soup inside it flowing to my mouth. It just simply tasty! So, what is your favourite food?

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