Saturday, July 7, 2012

Something Yummy for My Tummy

First, let me greet you with Welcome to the new month of July! Since today is the seventh of the seventh month of the year, I want to post something special too. You already read the title right? It’s something yummy for my tummy, in other words, it’s about food!!

delicious b'day cake
Above : This is my sister's birthday cake in her birthday on April :)

The Chocolate Fountain at Jamoo
Brownies Amanda :) very yummy
Tahu tek, the typical food of Surabaya
I really love the "tahu tek" from the vendor which usually walk in front of my house, but lately the vendor just never came up again. I miss his tahu tek :(
Es kacang
The "es kacang" above, is purchased at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The taste is like es campur in Surabaya, but the diferrence is the ingredient. This one have peanut or kacang, which usually es campur doesn't have in it.

fried noodle
Fried noodle
Mickeymouse Rice
Above : This dish doesn't come from disneyland, but it's homemade dish. :) Contains rice, kee kian, potato and healthy vegetables..

This is Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice purchased in a foodcourt in Marina Bay

homemade popcorn :)

popcorn again :D

This is sweet and sour pork
Home made kue dadar, made with my best friend, Marissa at her house

Delicious Siew Mai

Some stick cookies, is it the right name?

xiao long bao
The last is my favourite dim sum XD. I love the tasty soup inside it flowing to my mouth. It just simply tasty! So, what is your favourite food?

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