Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red, White and Green

­­Hello anyone who read this post! It’s already in the 2 weeks before September.. Sorry for my laziness for posting and what did I miss? Oh! My lovely country independence day on 17 august! Random fact : Happy Birthday Indonesia, was one of the worldwide trending topic in Twitter, a few days ago. Okay, back on the topic, do you have especial celebration at your school?  I have a celebration for that in my school.. My class has a play about Marvel superheroes vs DC superheroes.

We performed it to the orphans who are invited to my school. But, before you think the usual battle using their superpowers, my class has it as Indonesian games battle. They race against each other using sacks, or usually we called it “balap karung”, tug of war (tarik tambang), eating crackers competition (makan kerupuk) and putting nail inside the bottle (memasukkan paku ke dalam botol). Some of them change their names into Indonesian names, such as Thor become Pak Thor, Iron Man become Orang Besi, and also Captain America, turns into Captain Indonesia. And this is the Captain Indonesia’s shield; hope it can protect Indonesia from all the corruption, crimes, and whatever bad things it can be.

By the way, The shield is made by captain america's shield-one of my friends had it. Then my friend just stick the indonesian flag there. Tadaa.. it is done

And also Happy Eid Mubarak to every Moslems around the world..! And Happy holidays for all who got this one week Eid Mubarak holiday. I’m so happy for this week. One of my happiness is that I’ll go to a villa in Batu this Friday! Yaayy! After these days, going just inside this city, I finally go outside this city!


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