Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tiramisu + Rainbow Cake = Awesomeness

What if Tiramisu and Rainbow Cake served right in front of you? Eyegasm happened. I mean you're gonna be picking one right away! So these cake are made by my auntie and I have to give a 1000 thumbs up for her activeness lately of taking courses to make cookies and cake. Because when she practiced it at home, usually I got some of her cookies and cake! Yayness..!

 About the tiramisu cakes, they just don't look good on the outside. They also taste wonders. I love it, but unfortunately my aunt just give my family 6 so 4 people in my family must eat one, but I eat two! But, I still want mooore! XD

Next stop, Rainbow Cake. Not that popular-in-social-media cake. But it's a rainbow steamed sponge cake. Okay, I might be trick you with the post title, but they're still cake, aren't they? The appearance look just fine and beautiful, but in my honest opinion, the tiramisu is more tasty and delicious.

More zoom please XD

Okay then, that's it. Do they look delicious to you? Let me know your favorite shot!

Big hugs,

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