Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bali Day 2

Hello everyonee who just come to this blog for the first time or the second third time welcome to my blogg!
I just want to share the photos of my class', Gr. 12, last fieldtrip to Bali (Well, I can't say this really is a field trip but yeah we learn things ;) ). Anndd here we goo for day 2 as in day 1 I didn't take any pictures with my dSLR. ;)

Lunch in Eat n Eat :9

Food Porn of the Day :9
(Mie Kepiting)
 And as we get closer, you can see that CLAWS. 
Yummy :D

The Coolest Mall on Earth
(So many branded shops and it's eco-friendly)
And it has sandals vending machines
What's cooler than this 'o'
And right in front of the Mall, we get to see sunset in Kuta beach. Yay! :) Be ready for sunset attacks!

Share some LOVE

Some cool sunset pics

More sunset picss
There are a lot more in my comp :D
Take a look at the crescent moon on that beautiful sky '-'

It is a very nice day spent with teachers and friends accompanied with beautiful sceneries :D Couldn't be more grateful. God's creation is beautiful.
Day 3 will be posted soon :)

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