Friday, March 30, 2012

Real Flower Photoshoot

I've just go back to school after a long long holiday, about 1 week I think. And during those days, I went to my cousin's concert. Celine Liviani Tandiono. She plays flute as the music instrument and also a little orchestra help her. Because I think if there just one flute in the concert, the sound would be boring and we can fall asleep there. Hahaha.. So, when the concert is over, she got the flower bouquet from her friends and I got one of the flower bouquet (yay!) and I experiment it in these photos. The last flower I photograph is the artificial flower bouquet which I posted it here. This will be a longer post than before, because I set the photos into x-large size. Ready to roll down? Here you go!

 Behind the scene of the last 3 photos is below :)
 I photograph it in 7 o'clock in the morning, and when my sister Gita, went home at noon, we decided to cut out the flowers and scattered it to form a <3 shape.
My sister make the flowers arrangement in a pot, I mean in the used honey jar.

I edited the template, so the picture will be larger and easier to look at. Thank u for watchingand reading my post. :)


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