Monday, July 21, 2014

In July

Whatss Up! I'll share some photos from a litte trip few weeks ago. I didn't go anywhere outside my city this July. Just Surabaya... every weekend going to malls until I'm like eh? this is 21st already.. What am I doing in the days of this month? July has been a relazying i mean relaxing month...

So can you guess where is this place?
Taman Flora
Yup I go to Taman Flora, just to accompanying the kids that are having English Camp (a programme in the course my family have)do their activities while I'm taking pics. 
2 People passing by,,
actually are my sisters...

Flowers are pretty when they're blue

The original flower

Anotha flowah


A black, brownish cat staring at you

Close Up
Look how furry the leaf is

A deer

Another cat
The weather is just lovely for it to fall asleep

I love leaves and green

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