Thursday, November 13, 2014

Success Tips :)

Hi Peeps.. Today I just want to share a Typography on Success Tips by Merry Riana on her Book : Mimpi Sejuta Dollar. I would really love to buy her latest book : Mimpi Sejuta Suluh, but then I have Mid-term this week. So, yeah.. maybe next Sunday I can go to a mall to buy that book.

I also really want to buy Diana Rikasari's book 88 Love Life. Which is brand new in Gramedia. It has just been published in 10th November. (^_^) Diana has been really an inspirational blogger for me. And what I am looking forward for that book is the design of the pages inside seems to be really cutee :O

Anyway, without further due this is the Success Tips by : Merry Riana :

Success Tips by Merry Riana

Fonts : Assasin

I made it yellow kind of like gold, just because it relates to success. And yellow also looks great with black background.

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