Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Escape

After about a month without news... I'm baaaacckk my audience (bow) *clapclapclap* So August has been a month with lots of holidays as I have idul fitri holidays combined with activities like school bazzaaar :D

In this Lebaran / Eid Fitri holiday I had on August, my family goes to Trawas. We didn't stay anywhere, just a fun one-day trip to one of the hotel there and around Trawas. We eat eat and eat until our stomach are full. But, we didn't just eat, we also play badminton. Well, not all of us though. Just me, my father and moi sisters.

We also can relax and get away from my city as we get to see more trees and nature in Trawas. It's also refreshing to breath clean air and look at the bright sky. It's like an escape where we get away from real world, the routine we lived in everyday.

Found this big spider, idk if it's big for you
It's around 15 cm in length

Like this matching outfit the family has

My sister riding horse

The Park

Horse riding ;D

See you later,

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