Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teardrops in My Piano?

Teardrops in My Piano
The piano in my home is my favourite object, I can stay there with my camera until I take a great shot. haha..

When you see the title above, you must think that I copied Taylor Swift's song title, Teardrops In My Guitar. Actually, I was. I like Taylor's song, though I am not her fans. I just like her song and the lyrics. Taylor's song actually a little fast for me, I don't understand what she's saying when I heard the song, but when I read the lyrics, then I know what she's talking about. What I like about
her lyrics is that it feels so real and she experienced it before. And it's true, after I search about Taylor in her website, she is indeed writing her song by herself. As an example, the song in speak now Album were written by herself.

Haha.. That's how I named my photo Teardrops in my guitar, thanks for reading my unimportant post.

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