Friday, March 2, 2012

Flowery Flower

Hi guys! today is my day off, or should I say a short vacation?.. Because the twelve-grader have their try out, or test which they must attend to prepare Ujian Nasional (it's an exam if you want to pass high school), so I get some free time for 3 days! That is yesterday, today and tommorow. I'm so happy cause I'm free from test and homeworks. Umm.. No for homework. I still got some homework undone. :)

Okay, yesterday, I have edited some romantic flowery flower (the term flowery sounds weird, eh?). The pink flower is artificial flower bouquet, got it from the wedding of my father relatives. :D Enjoy

this one is different, i capture it during Chinese new year
Well, that's it. Do you like my flowery flower?

I'm currently working with, I still confused what-to-post in the blog. But, maybe I post about my everyday life and other things that inspires me and also some short essay. Moreover, I have to post some picture in Deviant Art.Visit my DA here. Oh, oh and follow me too. @cdeci96. Thank u for reading my post :D:D:D

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