Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natsumi Hayashi : The Levitation Blogger

Hmm.. so, I got a long holiday and I'm lazy to post some pictures, so I decided to tell you about this awesome blogger! Her name is Natsumi Hayashi. A Japanese of course. She owned a wonderful blog named yowayowacamera.com. What is special about her and her blog, is that she uploaded her picture, levitation picture, in which, she jumped up in the air, and the camera freeze her jump creating her in a floating state in results. She started her blog in January 2011 and gained huge response from people not just in Asia, but also America, Scandinavia, Russia, and Middle East.

Her blog also spark a phenomenomn of levitation photography in Asia. She appeared in the famous newspaper and magazines, like the New York Times and Wall Street Journals. Hayashi said that people influenced by daily stress is just like everybody under the control of Gravity. She hope that the viewers can feel a relief or emancipation from the stress after seeing her self portraits.

She uses Canon 5D Mark II, her tools of trade and jumped about 300 times to get a perfect result. Wow.. She should be get tired or something, but she didn't, at least I think so, because she keep posting her pictures everyday. But, I don't know why her latest posting was on 10th June 2011, Why isn't she uploaded some awesome sky high jump? (let me name this jump :) ). But, that's not a big problem, she already made a great work. And I hope she will add some new pictures :D.

What I love about her photograph is that, she has one topic, that is levitation, yet her pictures aren't boring. She arrange the composition, like lines, shape, curves. And also the point of view, sometimes the whole body, sometimes just a portrait of her foot on shoes doing the jump, and also some silhouette. In short, I love her creativity in making beautiful and awesome pics!

Some of my favourite photos copied from her blog :

All the pictures in this post belong to yowayowacamera.com :)
Bio source : Here
Update : I update for the mistake of the name in my blog post title, It should be Natsumi Hayashi, not Natsume Hayashi :)

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