Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Walk in Singapore Botanic Garden

Hi guys, today I want to share about my last trip at Singapore. Actually, it's not a full trip, because I also went to the hospital with my mother and aunt, to meet some doctors there. But, we have a wonderful time there, since Singapore is a country with such a beautiful and well-organized road and transportation. I went everywhere there by bus and even though we have a long walk each day, and made our feet broke (as an Indonesian, I really never have to walk that much). Anyway these are my photos from a walk in Singapore Botanic Garden.. A beautiful garden next to Gleneagles Hospital. When I went there, I see people using this place as the running track and children outing programme. Aaanndd, I could use my new 70-300mm tamron lens in some of macro pictures below, mostly flowers picture. Enjoy.. and get ready to scroll down because it's gonna be a quite long post..
singapore botanic garden
who's the lady in red? it's my mom :)

use my tamron lens :)

line perspective on a ditch...

 then, I found this gorgeous goose in  a small pond, actually it's 2 geese, but I only got one goose in each shot. all the goose picture are  taken with tamron lens, because of the great distances

I'm really happy like crazy when I could capture the swan while it swing its wing :D, but it's kinda blury

look at my reflection
Me in the jungle :P

swan lake
swan lake

there is a small waterfall, in which you can get behind it to take a photo

Keep us healthy :)

If you want to go inside SGB, you don't have to pay, in other words it's for free. But if you want to go inside the attractions like national orchid garden, you have to pay about 5 SGD for adult above 12 years. But, what I love about this garden is you can find many beautiful flowers like these:
the welcoming fountain at the national orchid garden

finally get to use my 70-300mm tamron lenses to shoot this!

 The next 3 photos was captured in a cool house, that makes you cool down a bit from the sunny and hot days.
love this tiny hearts shaped flower
kind of out of focus

line on this leaves >3<

in front of the gate of SBG, sayonara sbg :)
I don't get to every garden of this place like evolution garden, etc. but only inside the national orchid garden. Perhaps, someday I'll go there again and visit the place I don't visit yet

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