Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Colourful Lombok

Hi Guys! Happy New Year 2013 to al of you.. and a very late Merry Christmas!
Where were you been in the Christmas holiday? I have a wonderful holiday with my family in Lombok, Indonesia. It's near Bali, but not so crowded as Bali. I stayed in Senggigi and I really enjoyed my time there.
Going to Lombok, I'm in love with especially the unique beaches and also their culture. In this post I just want to share some many colourful things I captured in Lombok.

These are bracelets which Sasak people made (so colourful, bought 3 btw for me, and my 2 sisters)

I bought this one!

Lovely paintings

This is on the top of the hill (not exactly at the top, but still high :D) with the view of green hills and Kuta beach
 This photo below is quite a lucky shot because the famous place of taking sunset pictures are in Bukit Malimbu. We were waiting at that time, but then rain comes. So, the driver (yeah, we rent a car for one day trip) drive us to hotel, and suddenly rain slowly stops and we can see beautiful sunset with coconut trees. We stop at that place and click. Perfect!
Sunset at near Malimbu
 In Lombok there are two types of their traditional fabric. They made it by weaving the thread. One is tenun ikat which is made by the men, usually they made 3-meters fabric within one day. The other one is tenun songket made by women there. It is a must for the women to be able to weave tenun songket, or else they can't get married. :)
Tenun Ikat Lombok (traditional fabric)

Having lunch at Senggigi beach :)

The boat at rest at Gili Trawangan

At Pondok Senaru restaurant, before going to Singang Gila waterfall

My mom and my sisters. On the way to Singang Gila waterfall. Colourful, right?

Chill out at hotel's swimming pool

Tenun songket at Sasak (these are scarf)

Another tenun ikat

Cows! First time I saw a herd of cows in the beach (at Selong Belanak Beach)
The calf in the photo sure is cute >_< 

After sunset at Senggigi Beach

After sunset at Senggigi beach 

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