Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr. Skull and my new blog

Before, I've written about Danbo story in Danbo Meet Skull, my sister's funny-looking doll.

I did some photoshoot, last year, with Mr. Skull and here they are :

Good news! I have a new blog in It's for fun, really. In tumblr, I just want to know what people are talking about and especially about Allison Harvard and Jung Il Woo. Ah... I'm fascinated by his cute-pretty face. I've seen him in a korean drama called 49 days, which I finished watching all episodes last Sunday. About Allison Harvard, I saw her in ANTM season 17 and her big eyes and also her cute-pretty face quickly stole my attention. But I'm sad, because she didn't win in ANTM.

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