Friday, February 24, 2012

6 Tips To Photograph Flowers

Here are some tips to capture or photograph beautiful flowers, these tips I got from my photography (extracurricular) teacher at school, Pak Liko, but I think he maybe get it from other sources, i don't know where. :) It may be helpful for you to take some pictures of flowers, especially amateur, just like me. :D
  1. Don't push yourself to go to a park -- You can be creative, like go into a flower shops, or if you have your own garden full of flowers, I think, you don't need to go anywhere, beside your garden.
  2. Don't shoot from above -- I don't know why, but maybe because it's too common, be creative! You can shoot from below, under the flowers, 
  3. Do wet or splash the flower with water before you took the photos or take it after rain or when there is moist on the flower
  4. Do arrange the background so it match -- Use cardboard, or set the aperture as high as you can
  5. Do shoot the flower Close Up
  6. For super-close up photos, Do it indoor -- because if the flower get blown by wind even the slightest wind, can create blurred image
That are 6 tips to shoot flowers. Do you have another idea? If you do, please add it in your comment below

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