Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 Tips Taking Picture At The Zoo

Same with the Flower Tips, I got the tips from my photography teacher, Mr. Liko. So here it is :

1.                 Equipment You Should Have : An SLR Camera with Medium Tele Lens (above 85 mm) or pocket camera with super zoom features, usually can zoom 10-12 times
2.                 Focus to the the animals' EYE 
3.                 See through the cage
·  To see through the fence, Use AV or Manual mode
·  Set the aperture as high as possible
·  Set the zoom or focal length to the max
·  Place your lens closely to the cage, stick  it to the cage! :D
·  Then focus on the animal’s eye, not the cage
·  Click! Take the picture
4.     WAIT for the perfect moment, that is when the animals interact or be in action. Like when you’re taking birds shot, do it when the birds fly
5.     For HYPERACTIVE animals :
·        Use ISO Auto
·        Use continuous mode (burst mode) – take many pictures in a second
·        Use High shutter speed (2 times the focal length)
6.     Be SELECTIVE. You shouldn’t take picture of every animals in the zoo. You can make the list of all the animals first, then select the animals that you want to photograph. So that you don’t hurry from one animal to the other.
7.     Consider the LIGHTNING
·        You can do it either in the morning or evening, when the light is just perfect
8.     Don’t forget the OTHER object like the visitor or tourist and don’t miss the animal show

I hope this 8 Tips Taking Picture At The Zoo can help you to capture the animals bette. :D

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