Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Inspiring Bloggers

Well, lately I've been investigating (ehmm.. actually lookint at) bloggers that have succeed, I mean, they have good blogs and their blogs are visited by many people, and they are young too. And, one more, they are from the same country of me, Indonesia. They are Diana Rikasari and Evita Nuh. Maybe I am a little bit strange, because both of them are fashion blogger, they told about what they wear and also about their personal stories sometimes, and fashion is not my passion. I am no good at choosing clothes, or even pairing it with shoes. But, from them I can learn, that each blogger has their own characteristic, and their own what-to-talk in their blog.

Diana Rikasari

This beautiful blogger owns The blogger that will turn 24 this year, has made success with her fashion blog, Hot Chocolote and Mint. She writes about her personal diaries and her style, also mix-n-match her clothes. Her writings is good, i think, easy to read for a bad-english person like me. Her new layout with grey colour is also great. Actually, If I read a blog, the layout doesn't matter for me, but if the layout is good, then we can stay in the blog much longer right? Her post is always equipped with several eye-catchy photos, that shows her style, she sometimes post video and other things she interested in. Lately, she also post about the food she made for her husband, S. About blogging, she said that blogging is a self-expression and she likes fashion, writing and photography, so she express her hobby there. In 2010, she released her own shoe brand, UP.

Evita Nuh

She was 13 years old amazing blogger. She owns with the nama the creme de la crop. She start blogging when she is 9 years old. Wow! amazing! when I was at that age, I just go to the internet when I need to play online games. But, she already have a blog! Oh man... (so ashamed), actually I have a blog in 2009, but that's one year later from she started blogging. She has a fashion blog, and have long..long.. post, I think because her english is better than me, and she posted about her passion in fashion and photography, and her mix-and-match look great for a 13 years old girl. And she already have fans and interviewed by many people. She said that the name jelly jelly beans just popped out when she made her blog.

That's 2 blogger that inspires me a lot, there are some others though, like, etc.

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