Monday, February 6, 2012

Cause Baby You're a Firework

At my previous post, I promise I will tell u about my Chinese New Year expereience. I'll blurt it out now!

One day before Chinese New Year, my family and I visited my auntie's house from my father's side. All of us were wearing red! emm.. Actually not all of us, because my 2 beautiful cousins, Felicia and Marcella wear pink. Then, after saying stuff like "Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi" that means Happy New Year, wish u luck and prosperity and also thousands of matters will be accomplished, we got some red packets! Yay! Actually it's the most important thing that I really excited about Chinese New Year. But then, we celebrate this new year different from the previous years. Why? Because we can play with fireworks! Sound childish, but it's really been a long time since I play the fireworks when I'm still at elemantary school. And I'm really terribly excited not because I can play with fireworks, but because I brought my Canon 1100D and I can do experiment with slow shutter to capture the movement of fireworks!

Here are some pics :

The three fireworker!


The process to make the fireworks is to attach the firework stick to the candle

My sister Gita with her magic wand
Originally, My cousin wants to make the  wing, but I photographed it badly :(

My mom also participated in this fireworks photoshoot :D

It's a C


more photos at my facebook!
That's the fireworks! So much fun! Then, the next day, the Chinese new year day, I came to my grandma's house from my mother side. There I received a lot more red packets, but It still more excited in my auntie's house before!

One good news! This week I'm gonna be presented a presentation about Taylor Swift! I was very happy when my friends agree with my idea, when we're discussing about what to present. For the sake of Taylor, I will do my best!

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